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This week in Nursery

24/05/2024 · No comments yet

Number 5 The children have a very good understanding of the number 5 and have experienced it in lots of different situations. We sing songs and rhymes, we count objects, we subitize the number (recognise without counting) and this week we have been representing the number on paper. The children drew lines, raindrops and Read More


This week in Nursery

17/05/2024 · No comments yet

Another busy week! Number 5 This week the children have been collecting 5 objects and making 5 balls of dough during our Dough Disco sessions. Lots of the children were able to collect the objects and many of them could them recognise the amount without counting them when they had the objects in front Read More


This week in Nursery

10/05/2024 · No comments yet

Number 5 This week we introduced the number 5 by reading the Number Puppy story. We have been learning a new song to accompany the number. The children really enjoy joining in with this song… A love of reading The Nursery children enjoy listening to stories and also ‘reading’ books to themselves. Rhyming This Read More


This week in Nursery

19/04/2024 · No comments yet

Welcome back to the Summer term! The children have quickly settled into familiar routines and are enjoying being back with their friends. This week has been a busy one including a child-led focus on colour mixing. Colour mixing in the water tray The children have been investigating what happens when they use pipettes to Read More


This week in Nursery

28/03/2024 · No comments yet

A second performance of “I am the music man” On Monday morning the Nursery children gave their second performance to another invited audience. The children did a very good job of playing their instruments and as importantly kept their instruments quiet at the right time. Here are a few photos of an amazing performance Read More