Farsley Farfield Primary School

Pupil Premium

Our Pupil Premium money is targeted at children that are ‘Looked After’ or adopted,and also those that are, or have been, in receipt of ‘free school meals’. Other children also benefit from this investment through access to interventions themselves or smaller group sizes as a result of additional staffing. Almost all Pupil Premium money is spent on staffing for early intervention in Foundation Stage, literacy support in Year 1 and staff in Y2-6 that are released from class responsibility and work with individuals and small groups to address gaps in understanding and boost progress. We also have a partnership with The Tutor Trust to provide weekly 1:1 tutoring for our targeted children in Years 4-6. This partnership costs approximately £15,000 for an academic year.  Parents contributed to a review of the first year of the Tutor Trust partnership.

New for 2018-19 was ‘Show Time‘: a programme of 7 extra-curricular cultural experiences offered free to children in receipt of Pupil Premium (and other children at cost). This was typically at weekends and evenings and included a classical concert, a ballet, a children’s opera and a range of stage shows including Matilda, Horrible Histories and a reading of War Horse.

The allocation for 2018-19 was £82,000.

We don’t have a single, comprehensive, formal PP report for 2018-19, but the expenditure included:

Foundation Stage PP interventions £8k

Year 1 phonics/literacy  £7k

Year 2 1st Class @ Number and other interventions  £8k

Tutor Trust Y4-6 £15k

Contribution to salary of the Learning Mentor  £8k

Teacher release time for targeted work  £5k

Show Time £2k

Subsidies for PP children for trips and residentials £1k

The balance of money contributed to TAs across the school Y1-6 (2fte)

The progress of our ‘disadvantaged’ children  as evidenced in end of KS1 SATs was good.

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The progress of our ‘disadvantaged’ children  as evidenced in end of KS2 SATs was not so positive on this occasion.

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Impact report for Tutor Trust is below. A large majority of the children made target progress or better and over half reached expected standard in maths.

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