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Headteacher blog January 15th 2021

15/01/2021 · 1 comment

Tricky times….  Whilst we have settled into a more reasonable routine as regards COVID restrictions and the new Critical Worker/Remote Learning dual schooling, snow and ice have added a further challenge this week.  Thursday’s snow was much heavier and deeper than anyone expected and, although we managed to stay open, it was very helpful Read More

What a week!

08/01/2021 · No comments yet

What a week it has been! It has been stressful – for staff, parents and, perhaps, for some children too. We have had to put plans and arrangements into place exceptionally quickly. We have nearly a third of the school still attending which is more than expected and, frankly, more than we would ideally Read More

Head teacher blog Dec 18th 2020

18/12/2020 · No comments yet

We have made it to the end of an exceptional term. Despite difficult circumstances, our school has been successful with happy children, positive progress and good attendance. I would like to give so much credit to our staff for the flexibility, creativity, resilience and care that they have shown in 2020. I would like Read More

Headteacher blog 11th December 2020

11/12/2020 · 1 comment

It is a very different Christmas period in school this year: no Town Hall concert, nativity or Christmas performances. If Santa comes to school next week, he will be more socially distant than usual and certainly won’t have anyone sat on his knee – he is in a vulnerable age group you know…  We Read More

Headteacher blog 4th December 2020

04/12/2020 · 1 comment

It has been a very wet and soggy end to the week and at lunchtime today we ‘surrendered’ and admitted defeat: we had better keep the children in. A particular problem at the moment is that 3/4 of the juniors are having to stay in field zones and these are a muddy brown quagmire Read More