Farsley Farfield Primary School

Assessment and Standards

2019 KS2 Statutory Data

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2018 Statutory Assessment Data

Early Years

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Year 1 Phonics (and Year 2 retakes)

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Year 2 SATs

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Year 6 SATs

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Children in Years 1-6 are assessed against the Rising Stars Progression Framework. These are shown below for English and Maths.

Please note: within school, we refer to ‘Working towards expectations’ as ‘Almost’. If a child is reported to have an objective as a red target, it means that they have been taught this, and it is a reasonable expectation, but they show little independent mastery of this as yet.

Year 1 English

Year 1 maths

Year 2 English

Year 2 maths

Year 3 English

Year 3 maths

Year 4 English

Year 4 maths

Year 5 English

Year 5 maths

Year 6 English

Year 6 maths



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