Farsley Farfield Primary School

Headteacher blog 17th November 2017

It was an interesting week of contrasts in terms of my experience of co-operation between schools and partners this week. As a member of the Leeds Safeguarding Children Board, I have been involved in a dispute between schools on the other side of the city where an academy is trying to withdraw from ‘cluster’ arrangements around local provision of safeguarding and ‘early help’ services. By contrast, local schools of all types continue to all work together very well and this week the local authority managed to support us in the creation of a new leadership team for Pudsey cluster services. Schools and partners working together is a strength in Pudsey, and long may it continue.

In school we have had a typically busy week with a Y6 class visiting a gurdwara, a Y6 athletics competition, football matches and lots of lovely learning. I was a learner too this week as I needed to cover a Y6 computer coding lesson on Thursday as Mrs Carney was attending some training. I was about five minutes ahead of the children I think, but the very well-planned lesson and quality resources meant that we had a successful afternoon using Python to create a game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’. I am grateful to Lucie for the terrific work she does leading and delivering the coding curriculum in Y4-6, and some children are showing a clear aptitude for this type of work that may be very useful in their future world of work. It was also great to have our regular volunteers from Lloyds Bank supporting this and other coding sessions, bringing their real-world expertise into our lessons.


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