Farsley Farfield Primary School

Headteacher blog 4th March 2016

We have celebrated World Book Day this week and, as usual, many of the children have come in fantastic book-related costumes! Many thanks for all the family support with this.

IMG_0359 IMG_0340 IMG_0349 IMG_0334 IMG_0354 IMG_0351

Earlier this week I attended a headteacher conference and was required to present on an initiative in school that has shown a positive impact over the past 6 months; I chose our cursive handwriting campaign. Some of the individual improvements have been absolutely astounding –  before and after photographs produced gasps of appreciation! Well done to all those involved in these transformations.

Download (PDF, 5.95MB)

This week we have been preparing the mid year reports that go out today. Teachers seem very happy with the behaviour, effort and progress of their children and we are looking forward to next week’s Parents’ Evenings. Our only collective concern is related to the higher expectations of the new national curriculum and the extent to which children who previously would have been regarded as meeting or exceeding age-related expectations may now have a revised assessment that may be cause concern. The reasons for this need careful discussion with the teachers next week.


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