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Year 6 01.12.23


Year 6 were lucky enough to have a very special visitor this week from Time Travel Education who brought World War 1 to life for us all. The children were first recruited into the army and put on the khaki and blue uniforms which were worn. They learned about Lord Kitchener and his famous recruitment drive which convinced so many brave men to join the armed forces. Children then completed marching drills and swore an oath of allegiance before taking part in our session on trench life.

We used VR headsets to explore life in the trenches which was an incredible experience for us all. Being able to ‘be in’ the conditions of the time meant that the understanding of how dirty, uncomfortable and dangerous it could be.

Year 6 were also lucky enough to explore some artefacts of the time: from helmets to trench art, from uniforms to grenades, it was exciting to be able to touch and handle some of the interesting and unusual objects from the 1900s. We used sketch books to record interesting details and observations

Some photos of the day can be seen here:

6D photos

6J photos


Continuing our work on World War One, the children this week finished their persuasive letters to Captain Nicholls convincing him that we would be a good choice as an army recruit. Would you have been convinced by our speeches?

Letters Here

We have also been working on some performance poetry related to World War One and this week performed ‘In Flanders Fields’. Take a look at our performances.




Next week is our visit to the Gurdwara. 6J are going on Tuesday and 6D are going on Thursday. Please make sure your child has something to cover their heads or they will be unable to attend the trip. If you are unable to source something do let us know and we will try and help.


English pages – Adjectives and Adverbs (pages 24 and 25 white book)

Maths pages – Mixed Numbers and Equivalent Fractions (Pages 29 and 30)

Spelling shed – 10 games

Extreme reading

Have a lovely weekend.


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