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Year 4 Blog 26.4.24

It has been a busy but great week in Year 4!

We have been learning about tenths this week in Maths. We began by looking at tenths as fractions and then as decimals. The children were really confident with both of these concepts and were able to convert between the two. Have a look at the video below to recap tenths as decimals.

In English this week, the children have been working in groups to plan, write and record radio adverts. We began by listening to a range of different radio adverts and picking out the key persuasive techniques, such as rhetorial questions and speaking directly to the listener. The children then worked together in groups to plan an advert for the Five Palms Hotel. They listed the most appealing things about the hotel and decided what techniques they wanted to use to persuade their audience. The children then wrote a script which would become their own radio advert. Everyone was really engaged with the task and created some great persuasive adverts!

In Science this week, we looked at classification keys, which are a way to organise groups of living things. The children were given a range of animals which they had to sort by asking specific questions. Children had to think carefully about which questions to ask to enable them to separate the groups of animals effectively. Have a look at an example classification key below.

In Geography this week, we were investigating how Leeds has changed over the years. We explored a range of maps dating all the way back to 1770 to help us see just how much Leeds has changed over time. Children traced the main physical features (such as the River Aire), roads and buildings on tracing paper for 4 different maps so it was clear to see Leeds has become the city that we recognise today. Children noticed that despite some huge changes (such as the increase in roads and buildings) there were some similarities, including the River Aire and even back in 1770 there was a street called Briggate! It would be great for you to share your own experience of how Leeds has changed over the years with your child over the weekend!

Finally, we just want to say a huge well done to all the children that attended the Skipping Festival on Thursday! The children gave 100%, supported one another and represented Farfield fantastically. There was some fierce competition, but lots of our children received individual certificates for their skipping skill and their attitudes and we are so proud of every single one of them!

Maths – Recap tenths
Spelling – ‘au’ spellings

We hope you have a lovely weekend,
The Year 4 Team


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