Farsley Farfield Primary School

Year 1 – 28.03.24


The ‘Phonic Detective’ sheets were finished this week. The children have shown us how good they are at spotting the different digraphs and trigraphs in words. We consolidated each detective sheet during our phonics sessions. Some were quite tricky.


This week the children continued with work on measurement. We started the week looking at mass and compared items using the language ‘heavier’ and ‘lighter’. The children then looked at capacity and volume. We compared volume using the language of full, empty, half full, almost full, and almost empty and compared the capacity of different containers.


This week we have focused on signs of spring. We looked at some daffodils in detail before thinking of some amazing adjectives. The children used the adjectives to write a concrete poem about a daffodil.

We also practised forming the capital letters V, W, X, Y and Z.


Carrying on with our senses topic we carried out an experiment around the sense of touch. The children completed a simple test after reading the story ‘The Princess and the Pea’. They needed to answer the enquiry question ‘How many layers of material will stop me from feeling the princess’ pea?


This week we have observed our weather station for spring. The children have completed a class chart showing the different weather conditions in spring. The children also completed a tick list of things they can spot in spring.

Have a lovely break.

The Year 1 Team


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