Farsley Farfield Primary School

Year 1 – 01.12.23


This week we have looked at the phonemes/graphemes: au and ey. We then looked at what a split digraph is and focused on a_e. The children also looked at the tricky words: have and like.


During our English sessions, the children have been busy writing their own concrete poems.


This week we have consolidated our learning of the fact families. The children are now able to show lots of knowledge and understanding in this area.

Design Technology

We have had an amazing week making our fire engine models!

First, we looked at the features of a fire engine and then spent time designing our fire engine. We did a fantastic job drawing and labelling our models.

We found out that wheels move on an axel and that the axel attaches to the body of the vehicle by an axel holder. We chose between pegs, straws, and cardboard for our axel holder and used a hack saw to cut our axel to the correct length.

We used different materials to add windows, lights, ladders, hoses, and sirens to our models.

Special Visitor

We were very lucky to receive a visit from a local firefighter. We discussed how things have changed since the Great Fire of London and looked at all the equipment firefighters use to help keep us safe.


This week the children have looked at Pantosaurus and enjoyed listening to the song. We have discussed how pants are private and even designed some pants for Pantosaurus to wear!

Christingle at St John’s

Year 1 are visiting St John’s Church on Monday 11th December to take part in their Christingle service. We will be leaving school at 09:30am and returning to school in time for lunch. We still need some parent helpers. If you are free, we would appreciate your help.

Book Challenge

December’s theme for the book challenge is ‘Winter‘. Children can choose a book from the library or a book from home and add it to their chart which is stuck in their reading record. When they have completed the monthly challenge, they can earn a dojo. At the end of the year, children who have completed all of the monthly challenges, will be included in a prize draw!

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 1 Team


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