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Vesuvius awakes!


This week, we have reached the end of our unit on mass and capacity. Children compared capacity and added different volumes together, converting measurements into litres when needed. Next week, we will move on to the second Fractions unit.

Vesuvius is victorious!

This week, we enjoyed reading ‘Escape from Pompeii’. The children were particularly enthusiastic about sharing verbs, expanded noun phrases and prepositions, which they used to write a setting description of Pompeii after the volcano erupted. This was a big contrast from the opening description, which painted a picture of how the city might have been before the eruption took place. 3SB enjoyed creating their very own erupting volcanoes to go alongside their writing.


Plants are our unit for this term, and children learned more about the functional parts of a plant with a focus on the inside of the actual flower. There are a lot of names to remember, and children labelled and wrote a brief description of the different roles.


Here are some pictures from from cricket and tennis this week.


Our unit is linked to careers for this term, and Year 3 had lots of fun writing down a shopping list for items they would buy for dinner. They did have a limit that they could spend, and most did very well to keep within that amount. We wonder if they might join you while shopping and work out how much they might spend throughout the trip!


Our unit this term focuses on Google Slides. Last week, we learned how to add a slide and change the font and size, and this week, we focused on adding images and writing about our favourite foods and animals. Lots of 3B love pizza!


The Romans have been causing a stir in year 3, and this week, they had to advise Claudius on whether he should invade or hold back. Children were given information on reasons for and against the invasion and thoroughly enjoyed debating in class, hoping to persuade Claudius to take their side! Our advisors did well in sharing the reasons that it should go ahead, including the ability to use the excellent soil and have access to the tin and lead, whilst others said not to invade because his legionaries weren’t ready. Trading might save lives and keep good relations. We were very impressed!

A huge well done to 3SB who achieved their best ever reading score which was 94% and won the reading trophy for the week!

Well done to our special mentions – Harrison, Yasmine, Kasim, Grace, Avraj and Esher!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Begum and Mrs Sykes


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