Farsley Farfield Primary School

This week in Nursery

A second performance of “I am the music man”

On Monday morning the Nursery children gave their second performance to another invited audience. The children did a very good job of playing their instruments and as importantly kept their instruments quiet at the right time. Here are a few photos of an amazing performance but when children are playing instruments vigorously then pictures can be blurred!

Dental Hygiene

Thank you for returning more toothbrushing record charts. More children have received their certificates this week.

Here is a song we have been listening to…

The Story Bus

On Tuesday we had the final visit from The Story Bus. The children really enjoy this experience and love listening to stories. They get the opportunity to listen to stories, choose books to look at independently, sing songs and play instruments.

Representing number 3

The children have had a lots of experience with the number 3 and this week they represented the number on paper. They drew 3 lines, 3 triangles, 3 sunflowers and 3 of the numerals. Please encourage then to look for the number when you are out and about and see if they can identify triangles in the environment.

Lots of other fun!

Have a great break from the Nursery team


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