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Reception News – 14.6.24


This week our tricky word is little. We have also revised the phonemes ear, ure and er. The children have enjoyed playing our new roll and read game!


We began the week by investigating capacity. The children used the language ‘full’, ’empty’, ‘half full’ and ‘nearly full’. They enjoyed measuring and pouring drinks at our juice cafe!

We have also been doing lots of counting using number tracks. They played games that encouraged them to compare numbers that are far apart, near and next to each other. (For example, 10 is a lot more than 2 but 5 is only 1 more than 4.)

Oliver’s Fruit Salad

Our focus book this half term is Oliver’s Fruit Salad. The children were keen to make their own fruit salad. It was delicious!

The children have been very interested in the various fruits in our Curiosity Cube. They enjoyed finding out where they were from and tasting them.

Everything Else…

Science Superstars

The children are very excited about our science competition. RGK will be holding their class auditions on Thursday 27th June and RP will do theirs on Wednesday 26th June. Please make sure that your child brings everything they need that day. We are looking forward to seeing some super science!

Have a great weekend.

The Reception Team


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