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Murton Park

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their trips to Murton Park this week and last week! 4L certainly had the better weather but 4Ke were true ‘Farfield Children’ and battled on regardless through the rain and snow!

We began our day learning about the 7 Kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England and key dates, before transforming into Saxon people who had work to complete for their village! We learnt about religion during Anglo-Saxon times and how many Saxons converted from Paganism to Christianity. The day was lead by Mother Abis, who was helped by Sister Matilda and lay person Ulfric.

The Village
Once dressed as Saxons, the children headed to the Anglo-Saxon village. There were small homes made from wattle and daub, a long house, and even an outdoor toilet! The children were able to image just how different life would have been in those times. Some were not very impressed at the thought of sharing their bedroom with goats and cows, like the Saxons would have done! We also learnt about Saxon boats, which were the most efficient way of travelling over longer distances, and were able to see one in the village!

Candle Making
Because Anglo-Saxon people didn’t have any electricity, they relied upon candles and fire as light sources. Candles were also really important in the Church for ceremonies. The children took turns dipping wicks into melted wax to create their own candles and then secured them in a clay base.

The children also had a chance to have a go at some Anglo-Saxon style writing using a metal quill and ink, just as they would have done. Anglo-Saxons used a specific alphabet and everyone wrote in the same style so that books looked the same. They also illuminated their pages with colour and pattern!

Guarding and Raiding
The Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms did not get a long and as Northumbrians, the children had to be on the look out for any invading Mercians. Fortunately, they were taught how to use a spear and a shield to defend against any attackers! We certainly wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of these fearsome Saxons!

Saxon Games
The children also learnt about strategy while playing some traditional Anglo-Saxon games. 4Ke particularly enjoyed sitting around the fire in the long house playing these!

Overall, the children had a fantastic day learning all about life as an Anglo-Saxon. They were so enthusiastic, inquisitive and would have made excellent Anglo-Saxon people!

There is no homework set this week as it is half-term, but there is a Times Tables Battle between the two classes on TT Rockstars!

We hope you have a super break,
The Year 4 Team


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