Farsley Farfield Primary School

Headteacher blog Friday 13th September 2019

This school year has started very well and it was lovely to be on a sunny lunchtime duty today as the cricket nets opened, Mr beevers ran a cross country club and children were having a really active playtime generally across the breadth of the school grounds. A new member of staff commented on how lucky our children are to have so much to do at break time and how well we utilise our campus.

I am pleased that our new Pudsey Civic car park permit scheme has proved popular and useful for at least 50 families this week. We have, somewhat generously, decided to include that bit of ‘Park and Stride’ as admissible in the Active Travel Scheme and that scheme starts again next week.  At the same time, we have finally received our ‘No Idling’ banner, reminding any car users that are still parking near school (why?) to remember to switch off their engines while they wait. Let’s hope that the area around the school gets safer and cleaner around these key times. It is also crucially important that drivers are never exceeding 20mph in residential areas: a junior girl of ours was hit by a car going 15mph last week near her home and was quickly back at school. If it had been travelling at 30mph, it would have been a different story



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