Farsley Farfield Primary School

Headteacher blog 6th May 2022

This week, we got confirmation of nearly £250,000 of investment in the infant school. Great news you might think, but actually it is fire-stopping works that are principally about protecting the council’s asset rather than saving children or staff lives. We can already evacuate the building very quickly in the event of a fire and I could think of more pressing priorities in terms of refurbishment. I am grateful for the council’s continued investment in the school having had a new roof, heating and electrics over the past five years but it is galling to invest so much on things that are unlikely to be noticed when money is so tight for the school generally. To put that figure of £250k in context, it is 25 times more than the annual capital grant to the school (having been reduced by 75% during austerity).

On Wednesday teachers from across the three Farsley schools worked together for the first time in over two years looking at writing. It was great to get together again, share ideas and moderate judgements. Farsley is lucky to have three such good schools in close proximity.

Earlier this week I had to take a group of Y6s to The Depot to cover for an absent colleague. It was great to see the children performing so well with the climbs – I couldn’t have done it – and what struck me was the fact that some of the children excelling in the climbing are not necessarily the children that might have stood out in PE lessons of traditional team games. I am delighted that our broad PE curriculum provides opportunities for such a range of children to excel and find enjoyment in different areas.


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