Farsley Farfield Primary School

Headteacher blog 19/3/21

It has been our second full week back after lockdown, and some things are becoming clearer. Most children seem fine: simply happy to be back at school. For some children, however, anxieties have heightened. These are typically children who were known to us for related reasons previously. Standards don’t appear to have dropped off a metaphorical cliff; we are completing assessments now to identify who might most benefit from more intense support next term. I spent a quarter of an hour looking at 3E’s writing this morning, and it was excellent. We can look forward to positive Parents’ Evenings in mid-April.

Over the weekend, I had the difficult task of closing a bubble – in this case, nursery again – for the third time in 12 months. This was the result of a positive case of COVID amongst the lunchtime assistants. I have heard of another school in West Leeds that has had over a dozen positive cases amongst its staff, and a further dozen or so isolating (with three bubbles at home). This is a salutary warning that the pandemic is not over and we must all still be on our guard.

Finally, our low-key Red Nose Day still raised nearly £400 in donations. Thank you for your support.

All (clean) hands on deck: Deputy Head Dan Hemming rolls up his sleeves to help cover a staff absence by taking a cookery lesson.


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