Farsley Farfield Primary School

Headteacher blog 16th January 2015

I have been out of school quite a lot this week attending head teacher meetings and as part of my role as education member of the Leeds Safeguarding Children Board. As I have been out so much, when I have been in school I have tried to be very visible and have toured the school on a number of occasions. Late on Monday, one Y6 girl had clearly seen too much of me for one day and asked: “Why do you seem to be here all the time today?” I don’t think she was trying to be rude!

What has struck me this week is how well-engaged the children are in their learning, as well as the quality of the lessons and the resources that the children have been using. Year 4, for example, were engrossed in some animal classification work in science and Y3 were enjoying accessing Ancient Egyptian artefacts as part of their history work. KS2 cooking this half term continues to produce remarkably good quality bread. Reception also enjoyed a visit from a firefighter and were intrigued by the fact that ‘he’ was, in fact, a ‘she’. Another important thing that was evident across the school is the fantastic support that the school gets from volunteers; without them, it would be much more difficult to deliver such an exciting curriculum.


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