Farsley Farfield Primary School

Head teacher’s blog March 23rd 2018

We have had an exceptionally busy week at Farfield.

Ofsted came on Tuesday for a long-awaited inspection. This was a new light-touch Section 8-type inspection: one day with just one inspector. She had clearly done her homework on the school and she worked exceptionally hard, at 100mph, all day. The final report is not going to be published until well after Easter, but I am allowed to comment that it was a positive, affirmative inspection and it was relatively straight-forward. We were very well-prepared and our senior leadership, middle leaders and governors were impressive throughout the day.  The inspector’s findings rang true to me as a fair reflection of the school and the fact that she fed back to governors with her fancy suede boots covered in mud summed up her experience of Farfield.  Thank you to our wider Farfield community for their very supportive contributions to the inspection – we appreciate it.

The inspection was just one part of this busy week. We have had two successful Parents’ Evenings and an evening pyjama party in Reception – those teachers need the weekend!  We also had a brilliant day at Leeds Utd on Wednesday where our U9 football team narrowly lost the city final (out of 250 schools) and our girls’ football team did really well at a tournament at Priesthorpe on Thursday evening. Also on Thursday, the two classes in Y5 had a successful and informative trip to the Al-Madhi mosque in Bradford. Today, a team of 30 Y2 children are travelling to a skipping tournament and Y3 are filling  No. 72 buses on their way to learn about ancient Egypt and mummification at Leeds City Museum. Next week is going to be even more exciting, with a number of big events scheduled for the end of term. And then the holidays…


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