Farsley Farfield Primary School

Head teacher blog 11th September 2020

We are so glad to have everyone back!  We have had a really positive week and almost all the children appear to have settled really quickly and resiliently into new routines and expectations. Much is the same as before and the restrictions are hopefully not affecting your child’s enjoyment of school too much.  I am not able to spend extended time in classrooms at the moment; from what I see at playtimes and lunchtimes though, the children seem delighted to be back at our school, playing with their friends again.

I really feel for my colleagues in the classroom. They are trying to keep their distance from other adults and the children, whilst not losing the important warmth and close engagement that is usually such a big, rewarding part of being a primary school educator. Trying to take consideration of all the protective measures in school must be mentally exhausting – the simple act of giving out and collecting resources is now a military operation. On top of that, many staff have very legitimate concerns about their own and others’ safety in these times and circumstances. I am also having to ask teachers to give up some of their notional lunch break every day to help us to staff these new arrangements. I am really grateful to the teachers and all the support staff for their unstinting commitment and flexibility as we work hard to have a very successful, full re-opening.


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