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Four day week? Why not.

Good evening. It’s been another packed week but luckily the weather has allowed us to get out and enjoy the start of the summer months.


English this week has involved persuasive writing and on Tuesday the chidren wrote to the Prime Minister (to be posted after 4th July just in case) to convice him to change the school week to four days. Below are a couple of examples of work.

Dear Prime Minister,

Don’t you want children to be energised for school? Then let there only be 4 days of school a week. Studies show children have 5 days of school and they normally get tired by the 4th day. Children are extremely happy on weekends because they get to relax and their mental health improves. Then the excitement crashes down when they come to school on Monday and spend 5 days of school.As well as this,  If there is only 4 days at school then students will be energised for school as they have 3 days to relax. Let there be 4 days of school a week.


Dear, Prime Minister

I believe that if you made the school week 4 days it would be extremely beneficial. Imagine the smiles and joy in their eyes when Thursday is their last day of school? They would be so enthusiastic that they would be close to tears of joy in addition they would have more time to do their homework so they would have less stress. If you replied to my request you would be the most loved prime minister ever. Imagine the country loving you and your decision? You would make the children happy and the teacher as they would have less marking to do and more time with family. Studies show that if children have an extra day of relaxing time they come back to school refreshed and ready to learn. If you could advise the other ministers to only have four days of school in a week I promise the results of tests will fly high and off the charts.


Next week, we are basing our work on The Hobbit and writing to Smaug! (Who knew dragons can read).


PE this week included the orienteering module. This involves the children collecting objects from around the school grounds in a race to complete the task. It is a great activity as it improves fitness and team working skills, along with it being ideally suited to our extensive school grounds.


Our Science topic this half term is life cycles and this week we have been comparing the life cycle of a mammal to that of a bird. For this activity, the children had to use their Chromebook to discover key facts, such as the gestation period, time until adulthood and expected life span. A variety of animals were researched, from dogs and cats to quokkas! “What is a quokka?” I hear you ask. Have a search.


Decimals have been the focus, with the children continuing to expand their knowledge in this area by adding and subtracting decimals within and across 1.

Use the video to help you child consolidate their learning.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 5 team


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