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Describing and Dancing


In our English lessons this week, we have been focusing on descriptions and how to make them effective. To start, we developed some heroic characters for our upcoming extended writes that were based on legendary figures such as Robin Hood and King Arthur. We then had a go at describing these characters, thinking carefully about the vocabulary we were using and how we could create a clear image in the mind of the reader. Once we were done, we tested how effective they were by sharing our descriptions with a partner so that they could draw the characters.


In Science we have been focusing on how sounds travel. We set up a series of investigations to try and find out whether sounds would travel best through solids, liquids or gases. We predicted that gases would be best since that is how we most often hear sounds but our investigations actually showed that they travelled best through solid objects! We also found that sounds often seemed to be muffled when travelling through a liquid, which prompted lots of interesting discussions about what we could hear when we were swimming.

Dance Festival

Some of our children were invited to take part in a dance festival at Dixon’s Academy this week. The chosen children represented our school fantastically well and all seemed to really enjoy themselves. The first half of the afternoon was spent learning a street dance routine, which the children were then able to use to create their own short dances. Once this was done, the children had a go at learning a simple cheer dance, with opportunities for each child to perform some of their own moves as a solo or as part of a group. We were so impressed with how much enthusiasm the children brought to the event and it was clear the coaches were too!

General News

This week’s homework is due in on Wednesday 29th November.

  • Maths – Practicing the 6 times table
  • English – Spellings from the 3/4 word list

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Levett and Mrs Kenvyn


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