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A Sunny Trip to Leeds!

We’ve had a lovely week in Year 4, made even better by the very overdue appearance of some sunshine!

We are starting our second decimals topic in Maths over the next week, with our first lesson on making a whole with tenths. Children used their understanding of tenths as fractions and decimals, as well as their knowledge of number bonds to 10, to make wholes with tenths. Have a look at the video below to recap:

The children have been enjoying recording or listening to each other’s radio adverts about our school this week. When planning and writing these, children had to think of how to persuade their audience with convincing techniques, such as rhetorical questions and repetition. Children in 4Ke enjoyed listening to each other’s adverts to evaluate them and provide constructive criticism. 4L will be doing this next week!

4Ke Trip to Leeds
The highlight of the week for 4Ke was our trip to Leeds, made even better by the beautiful weather! The children spent part of the day exploring part of the Leeds Owl Trail. They used their maps to navigate the route and found owls in places such as the Civil Hall (as well as a hidden one round the back), on the tapestries in the library and on the war memorial near the art gallery. The children also enjoyed looking at the interesting maps of Leeds in Leeds City Museum, particularly the giant floor map! The children were able to see how Leeds has changed over time and enjoyed finding their own homes and routes to and from Leeds with these maps too. We ended the trip with a traffic survey, counting the number of cars, buses, bikes and pedestrians they could see. Next term, the children will visit Burnsall and do some similar activities in order to compare the two places and decide where they’d prefer to live!

Homework this week will be set on Mathletics and Spelling Shed.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!
The Year 4 Team


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