Farsley Farfield Primary School

A busy week!


Year 3 have ended their unit on shape this week, focusing on 2d and 3d shapes. Children could recognise the lines within different shapes and acute and obtuse angles using their previous knowledge of parallel and perpendicular lines. After looking at and naming 2D and 3D shapes, we included marshmallows! Sadly, we didn’t roast them, but the children were tasked with making 3D shapes and counting the vertices, edges, and faces and had lots of fun! Some even had a go at creating a new shape. We have also been going over previous learning and have sent homework based on the column method for children to complete.


Varjak Paw is Outside! He has bravely ventured out on Elder Paw’s instructions in search of a monster. The children had a great time mind mapping what he could see outside and then wrote fabulous descriptions in first person about the setting, drawing on his emotions of also leaving his family behind. We’re all on the edge of our seats, wondering what will happen next. Will he face to face with a monster? Stay tuned to find out!


This week, children enjoyed learning more about seed dispersal and the way that seeds can travel to different places. They created beautiful double-page spreads and explained the importance of seed dispersal.


This week, Year 3 enjoyed a PE session outside on one of the sunnier afternoons, practising different activities leading up to sports day. These involved the potato sack, bean bag, skipping, and flat race and it was lovely to see children encouraging each other.

The sack race was lots of fun, full of jumps, falls, smiles and cheers!

Here are some pictures of the children taking part in the flat race. We have some strong runners and were impressed with how well they were using their arms!

Bean bag race – children had lots of strategies with many deciding to go to the furthest bean bag first!


After learning more about Boudicca during our visit to the Royal Armouries, the children were excited to learn about another queen closer to home in Yorkshire. Unfortunately, this didn’t last long after they learned more about her and her links to the Roman army. Cartimandua gave up Caractacus to the Romans and sent him in chains to Rome, while making some sneaky deals. Of course, people weren’t happy about this and started turning against her. Year 3 compared both queens and then had to decide who they felt made the right decision. Boudicca for rebelling against the taxes? Or Cartimandua for making allies obtaining goods and luxuries?


We wish the weather would match our French lessons about delicious, flavoured ice cream! This week, we have been learning how to say the names of different flavoured ice creams, and over the coming weeks, children will be able to share and find out each other’s favourites.

Well done to our special mentions this week, Aila, Issa, Harry, Lauren and Rory!

Have a lovely weekend and we wish all our families celebrating Eid a wonderful time!

Mrs Begum and Mrs Sykes


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