Farsley Farfield Primary School

6H Residential Day One

A message from year 6…

It has been a pleasure to be part of the year 6 team today as we have participated in the year 6 residential.  On the first day, we did an activity called abseiling where we glided down to a deep gorge using a rope and went through a natural obstacle course, through the gorge, which was unreal and exciting. Whilst we went through the obstacle course, we got to explore the gorge.  All of us got to learn something new and conquer our fears.  If we were scared, we reassured ourselves and our team-mates that a Farfield child never gives up!

Ondia and Haris

Coldstone Cut


Wetsuit Ninjas






Gorge Scrambling





Glass Floor


Night Walk


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  • Emma Heywood says:

    Wow! Looks like so much fun and very exciting!

  • Laura Kingswood-Vater says:

    Looks like everyone is having a fantastic time.

  • Mrs Hawkhead says:

    That abseil was a long way down! Well done to everyone for doing that – you are very brave! Looks like you had a great first day. Enjoy your evening and make sure you get lots of sleep tonight ready for tomorrow’s adventures.

  • Marcia Hilton says:

    Absolutely wonderful! What a fabulous experience for them all! Memories to last a lifetime. Thank you Farfield.

  • Charlie Heap says:

    I am glad Mum is having a good time. Tell her I miss her and love her.

  • Alison Lewis Thornton says:

    What an exciting first day. Hope you all sleep well tonight.

  • Adele Bowden says:

    Fantastic! Looks like they are having an amazing time. Thank you for sharing.

  • Srilakshmi says:

    What an exciting day you’ve all had.Sleep well tonight 6H!

  • Alan & Sam Dawes says:

    Fabulous photos. Looks like they’ve had a fantastic start to the trip. Should be some tired heads tonight x

  • David Kingswood-Vater says:

    Looking brave there Mason on the glass floor! Hope you’re having a great time. X

  • Katrina wallace says:

    Great to see everyone getting stuck in… have a fab time x

  • Sarah North says:

    Fabulous pictures! Glad you’re all having a great time. Enjoy today’s activities.

  • Kate Harrison says:

    What brilliant photographs and videos! Thank you so much for taking the time to post them. Looks like they’re having an amazing time! I’m very jealous! Enjoy the rest of your time everyone.

  • Jackie, Gabriel's Mum says:

    What a fabulous start to the trip! The activities look amazing; making memories to last a lifetime! Enjoy day 2!

  • Sarah Russell says:

    Brilliant! Looks like such good fun.
    Well done everyone! x

  • Aiysha says:

    That was amazing I had so much fun!!

  • Evie Russell says:

    as I was looking through all these pictures, it reminded me how much fun all of the things were

  • Madison says:

    This year’s residential was sooooooo fun. I loved it. Thank you to all the staff who helped out. I had an amazing time.xx