Farsley Farfield Primary School

6D residential Day 3

This group were a pleasure to take on residential. They were brave, kind and very sociable.

The children appeared to sleep very well again: probably the best at bedtime of any group ever.

Each group got a final activity on Wednesday morning.

Group 1

Group 1 went canoeing which was great fun! The children worked together as a team to unload the canoes and, once in, rowed together to reach a beach on the far side of the reservoir. We had a little break to show off artistic skills: Avisha impressed with a Dali-esque version of herself. Ali-Ahmed’s was particularly realistic and he was very proud of his 8/10 score. Winner was Zach who included grassy-toned chest hair. The row back was almost a swim thanks to Mia, Millie and Ivy at the back of the boat which terrified Mrs Dobkin but we made it back in one dry piece.

All Group 1’s canoe photos are here.

Group 2

Group 2 did the Via Ferrata course: traversing the gorge following a metal cable. They were all quick and confident – so much so that they were the first group I have ever known to have two goes on the zip wire at the end! Charlotte led the way despite being the most nervous/frightened. (In fact, Charlotte was the only girl in the whole classthat did absolutely every challenge over the whole residential; Umaiza, Tallulah and Aliza (whilst she was there) were really great too, but didn’t do the final cave on Monday. I was quite happy to sit that out with them!)

They were a great group to do the activities with: confident, brave, determined, attentive and good company.

Mr Harris

All Group 2 photos and videos from Via Ferrata are here.

Group 3

All of the children were very brave once again this morning, led through the caves by Lola and Seren. Annie and Dawoud conquered their fears and attacked all of the challenges head on – they were nearly as proud of themselves as we were! Group 3 want to give a special thanks to Zain and Mikael for keeping us all entertained and providing our backing track throughout our time at How Stean Gorge.

All Group 3 caving photos are here.


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  • Alison Parkes says:

    Absolutely brilliant! All the children are so brave, well done. Congrats Zachary on your portrait win with chest hair 😂 x