Farsley Farfield Primary School

Head teacher blog January 29th 2016

It has been a very windy week at Farfield: the turbine has generated about £250 worth of electricity in the past month! Coat ‘parachutes’ have been very much in evidence at playtimes – some things don’t change from childhood to childhood…

I showed some prospective Year 3 parents around yesterday and they were impressed with the care and pride shown in the children’s books. They were amazed at the breadth of curriculum that was on offer as they toured the juniors: over the course of their 45 minute tour they saw art, cooking, African drumming, a lesson in first aid, design technology, science and religious education as well as some teaching of core subjects such as literacy and numeracy.  A rich and engaging curriculum is important so this was good to see. After the tour, I went to Key Stage 1 and saw a teacher dressed as a witch, practical weighing and measuring activities (including a group outside in the blustery rain), some lovely Year 1 artwork and a group using computers combining text and their own graphics.  Farfield is a fantastic place to learn and to work!

On a less positive note, I have been receiving builders’ quotes this week for essential repair and maintenance works for the roof, windows, doors, toilets, floors and plumbing. This will cost many, many thousands of pounds at a time when budgets are already very stretched due to unfunded rising employment costs:  increased employer contributions to NI, pensions, Living Wage, 1% pay rises and increments. The government has implemented a ridiculous ‘simple’ funding system that takes no account of the size, age or condition of a school and its grounds. We get the same as a brand new, single building school that has minimal running costs and little or no maintenance costs. Where is the fairness or sense in that?


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