Farsley Farfield Primary School

Head teacher Blog 16th May 2014

This week Year 6 have completed quite a gruelling set of level 3-5 SATs tests with many also doing supplementary tests at level 6. They have worked so hard and let’s hope that their results reflect this. On Monday we had a visit from inspectors to check that the tests were being handled correctly; our practice was described as ‘model’.  The rest of the school have also been completing tests – or are about to do so – and it is a busy time generally.  Year 1 had an enjoyable trip to Blackhill Woods, half of Year 4 had an adventurous time at Fann Woods Activity Centre and Y5 are getting ready for their residential in the Yorkshire Dales next week.


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  • david eldridge says:

    I am a recently retired Head from North Yorkshire and a colleague pointed me towards the excellent website and blogs that you run. In particular I have been enjoying the class two blog that has such a diversity of information and gives a very clear insight into your KS1 work. I’m sure that you are already very proud of your school, it takes a lot of effort and a clear vision to do so many things of such quality. Congratulations to you all.

    Mr E

    • peterharris says:

      Thanks very much for the fantastic feedback David. The blogs are really developing well and they do showcase the great efforts that our staff, children and parents put into the school. We have published a lot of things online for a long time, but previously it was generally behind a password area. We have now ‘gone public’ following the lead of Mrs Fisher and her well-established Y2 blog. I hope that you will find time to visit us again – especially now you are retired! I am sure that it is well-earned…