Farsley Farfield Primary School

Year 6 26.4.24

City or countryside – where would you live?

This week we began to look at life in the countryside before the Industrial Revolution and how cities were affected as people began to move away in great numbers and the population increased. The children were fascinated to learn about life in the countryside and how hard it was for people to survive – many couldn’t believe that they’d have been working for years had they been children of the time and were shocked to find out that there wasn’t a retirement funded by the government when you reached a certain age. We learnt about the smelly, polluted cities where there was often only a block of 6 outside toilets for one whole street of 360 people! Unsurprisingly, when we asked the children where they wanted to live if they had a choice, most picked the countryside!


This term, Year 6 are beginning to compose and produce their own hip-hop song. So far we have created a drum beat and begun to add a bass line – ask your child to share their compositions with you! We can’t wait to add the melodies and words to our very own songs – Taylor Swift look out!


Revision has begun in Year 6 with the children working hard on their SPAG and guided reading skills this week. We have completed an energetic treasure hunt activity involving us running all over the school grounds to find clues and decipher a code – exhausting stuff.

Here is a photo album of our energetic learning


  • English and Maths revision books – 2 pages of your choice in both. (Think about what you’ve struggled with / needed to remind yourself about this week!)
  • Spelling shed – Assessment project.
  • Mathletics – 1000 points by Friday.

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