Farsley Farfield Primary School

Year 6 23.5.24

Little Life Savers

This week Year 6 was lucky enough to participate in CPR training which was delivered by the charity Little Life Savers. The children learned about how to deliver back blows to another child in case of choking; how to deliver CPR to a child and how to deliver CPR to an adult. The children were incredibly attentive and took part with enthusiasm!

Here are some photos and videos to enjoy of the day

Glued – Writing

Have you ever been glued to something? So engrossed that you forget the world? That was the scenario we were inspired by this week as we wrote about an adult trying hard to get their child to come outside for some fresh air. Lots of the children used their lived experience to enhance the dialogue between the child and their parent – we are really impressed with their ideas.

Here is some writing from 6D

Here is some writing from 6J


We have begun to design our alarmed lunch box which we will finish off after the half term. Children first drew the scientific diagrams for their circuits and an exploded diagram to show the intricate and beautiful designs of their lunchbox. We then started to paint and create on our lunchboxes ready to be alarmed after the half term.

We can’t wait to see whether their alarms work and if their treats will be protected from the hungry teachers…

Pirates of the Curry Bean

We held auditions this week and were really impressed by the children who were brave enough to sing in front of the rest of the year group. We have given out parts to the children who auditioned and ask that they have a good look at their script over the half term. As part of our decision making process we also considered the part children played in the Y5 Christmas production and tried to allocate accordingly.

Not everyone could have a main role and it’s only natural that some children will be disappointed. We completely empathise with their feelings and acknowledge how important their play is to them. If this is the case, we would kindly if you could support your child by encouraging them to embrace their role with enthusiasm, even if it wasn’t their first choice.

It is essential that they understand that every role in the play is crucial. Just like a team, each member plays a significant part in working towards the shared goal. It will be a show you won’t forget because the all played a part in creating it! We know that everyone will do their best and rise to the challenge and look forward to rehearsals which will be after half term.

Leaver’s Hoodies

You’ll shortly receive an email about ordering Class of 24 leavers hoodies. They are being organised by parents but the communication will come from us. Keep an eye out for it as you’ll only have a few weeks to put your orders in to make sure they’re back before the end of term.

Have a lovely half term


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