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Year 6 16.5.24 – HOORAY!

A HUGE WELL DONE to all the children in Year 6 after successfully completing their KS2 tests this week.

It has been a long week and the children have been amazing: they have shown resilience, stamina, tenacity and confidence. We are so proud of them. No matter the scaled score or result, we know they did their absolute best and that’s all we can ever ask. We will not receive any results until mid-July and we are likely to give them out with the end of year reports.

Good riddance to the SATs papers

6J spent some of the morning working through the old errors in the SATs papers they had been completing across this year. All of a sudden, chaos descended and there were lots of happy faces and laughter.

Railway Station Visit

Thank you for those of you who have returned permission slips for the visit next Friday to Leeds Railway Station. If you have not returned the letter please do so ASAP.

Little Life Savers

On Wednesday next week, Year 6 will take part in basic CPR and first aid training. This will be delivered by an external charity of professional first aiders. Last year this was a great success and the children remembered lots of the content covered: we hope that this year’s Year 6 children enjoy it too.

Shoe boxes / Small boxes

As part of our upcoming DT project we will be designing and making burglar alarms. If you have any spare boxes we could use to house these alarms we would be most grateful. Ideally shoe / strong cardboard boxes (not cereal)

Thank you!


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