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Year 4 Blog 28.3.24

What a super half-term it has been! We have packed so much learning in, covering everything from Viking longships to adding fractions!

In maths this week, we have been learning how to add fractions and mixed numbers. The children understood that the denominators had to be the same in order to add fractions, and they only needed to add the numerators. The children also had to use their knowledge of converting improper fractions to mixed numbers when adding fractions and mixed numbers. Watch the video below to recap.

After completing their poems based on The Boy at the Back of the Class last week, the children worked hard to edit and improve their writing this week. They independently checked that their punctuation was accurate, including looking for capital letters, full stops, commas and question marks, and checked that they had included lots of description using similes and metaphors. The children were really proud of their finished poems and enjoyed publishing them.

We completed our history topic on the Vikings this week by exploring Norse mythology. We thought about how historians know that the Vikings worshipped Norse Gods and found that there have been various artefacts found with symbols linking to the Gods, such as Thor’s hammer, and there are many stories that have been retold over time too. We learnt about the main Norse Gods and Goddesses, including Odin, Thor and Loki, then the children created some fact file cards about their favourite 6 Gods. The children have really enjoyed our topics on Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, and it’s great that there’s so much history linking to this time not far away, like in York!

We haven’t set any specific homework for the holidays, but please encourage children to continue using Mathletics, Spelling Shed. Reading Eggs and most importantly, TT Rockstars!

We hope you have a lovely break over the Easter holidays and will look forward to starting the Summer term when we return, hopefully with some more sunshine!

The Year 4 Team


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