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Year 4 Blog 14.6.24

We have had another super week in Year 4, learning everything from telling the time to investigating gases!

In Maths this week, we have been learning about time. We began by thinking about years, months, weeks and days before moving on to hours, minutes and seconds. Children were able to convert between hours, minutes and seconds and could compare amounts of times too. Have a look at the video below as a reminder.

We have continued reading Cloud Tea Monkeys this week and focused our English work around this lovely story. The children learnt about prepositions at the beginning of the week, which are words which describe where something is in relation to something else, such as in front of or opposite. The children wrote some interesting descriptive paragraphs describing an illustration from the story, using as many prepositions as possible. We then learnt about conjunctions, which are words that join clauses together. The children wrote sentences from Tashi’s perspective using lots of conjunctions to explain her thoughts and worries. Finally, we looked at imperative verbs, which are verbs that give a command. The children wrote a set of instructions explaining how to taste tea like a Royal Tea Taster, using lots of useful imperative verbs!


In Geography this week, the children investigated how Burnsall has changed over time. The children looked at 3 different maps from the 1890s, 1950s and modern day to compare the difference between the past and present. Children traced the key human and physical features (including rivers, roads, hills and villages) of the three maps in different colours onto the same piece of tracing paper so they could easily spot the changes. They noticed that lots of things have actually stayed the same. There are not many more roads or buildings at all, which is very different to what they noticed about the changes in Leeds City Centre over the same time period.

Multiplication Tables Check
The children completed their Mutliplication Tables Check this week. We are really proud of the efforts that the children have put into their times tables recall and it was fantastic to see so much progress from the start of the year. Thank you for all of your support with times tables practise at home too! We will be able to see the scores on 24th June.

Maths – Revision assignments on Mathletics. The children will be completing their end of year assessments next week, so it would be really useful for children to revise any topics they are not as confident with on Mathletics over the weekend.

Spelling – Y3/4 words revision on Spelling Shed

Burnsall Trip
4Ke are going to Burnsall on Friday 21st June. Thank you for returning all of your permission slips. If you have not yet paid the £2 contribution on Parent Pay, please could you do this as soon as possible.
Please ensure your child brings the following:
– Suitable clothes for the weather – layers and waterproofs are a good idea. This does not have to be school uniform.
– Suitable shoes such as walking boots or sturdy outdoor trainers.
– A packed lunch and a water bottle.
– A sturdy bag (without drawstrings) – they will be carrying this with them all day.

RSE Meeting
Our Year 4 RSE meeting will take place on Tuesday 18th June in 4Ke at 3.30pm. If you are unable to attend, resources will be made available for you to view after the meeting, before content is taught in lessons.

We hope you have a lovely weekend,
The Year 4 Team


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