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Year 4 Blog 24.5.24

We have had yet another fantastic half term in Year 4, despite the very miserable weather!

We have come to the end of our second decimals unit in Maths this week, finishing with understanding half, a quarter and three quarters as decimals. Children were able to use their knowledge of converting fractions with tenths or hundredths as denomintors to decimals. Once they were confident that a half is 0.5, a quarter is 0.25 and three quarters is 0.75, they were able to use these facts to find other equivalent fractions and decimals too. Have a look at the video as a reminder:

After recording radio adverts for Farsley Farfield earlier in the term, the children have spent this week creating leaflets to persuade parents or children to come to our school! They began by thinking about their audience and then used this to decide what key information to include in their leaflets. The children also thought carefully about which persuasive features to use to make their leaflet sound convincing! They used techniques such as repetition, rhetorical questions, powerful vocabulary and direct address to make their leaflets sound as persuasive as possible. The children also enjoyed making their leaflets look eye-catching and appealing!

In our last two science lessons, we have been learning about the human impact on the environment. We began by exploring the ways in which humans have negatively impacted the environment, such as through deforestation, pollution, global warming and human development. In the next lesson, we then looked at how humans are also positively impacting the environment, such as through recycling, animal conservation, renewable energy and environmental restoration. The children were really interested in these topics and we were able to have some great discussions about children’s opinions on the environment and how they were doing their bit to help.

We have not set any homework this week as it is half-term, but our Multiplication Tables Check is fast approaching so it is really important that children continue to learn and practise their times tables recall. Soundchecks on TT Rockstars are the best way to do this as it is the most similar format to what the real test will be.

We hope you have a lovely week and we will look forward to starting our final half-term in Year 4 when the children return!

The Year 4 Team


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