Farsley Farfield Primary School

Year 2 News 3.05.24


In English this week we have been looking at the features of information texts with a focus on captions. We then looked at the 1960s objects and talked about their features, how they worked and what they were used for. We then talked about what we use nowadays instead. Children have practised writing captions and other sentences to explain the objects and what we have nowadays instead.


This week we looked at some more unusual spellings of the or sound- ar after the w sound e.g. war, warm, wardrobe, warning and also al e.g. talk, walk, hall.


This week in maths we have started our Fractions topic. We have looked again at equal groups and equal parts. We have now learned that one half is one out of two equal parts and have looked finding one half of shapes as well as one half of numbers. We have also learned that one quarter is one out of four equal parts. We found out that you can half a number, then half it again to find one quarter! Next week we will start to look at thirds before moving on to non unit fractions such as three quarters.


In Science this week we have investigated seeds. First we looked at some different seeds to see if we knew which plant they would grow into. This was easier for some seeds that others. We then looked at the images of the plants to help us but this was still tricky. Finally we looked at the answers. Lots of seeds look very different to their adult plant!


In DT we learned how to do the running stitch and the over stitch. We practised on the teddy glove puppets. Next week, we will start to plan our own glove puppet!



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