Farsley Farfield Primary School

Year 2 News 10.5.24


This week in English we have been using our knowledge of 1960s objects to write an explanation text. We have created a final piece of writing which has a title, introduction, pictures with captions and fact sentences to explain. Well done Year 2!


This week in spellings we have been adding the suffixes ment and ness. We discovered that if a word ends in a y, we need to change the y to an i before adding ness e.g. happy—happiness.


In maths this week we have learned all about thirds. We have also looked at finding the whole when we know one of the parts. e.g 1/4 of ___ = 2


In science this week we looked at some sunflower seeds and asked the question, “Why are they not growing yet?” We discovered that seeds need the right conditions before they can germinate. We wanted to know if they needed soil so we have set up an investigation. We are hoping to see some roots and shoots soon!


We have been doing lots of outdoor PE in Year 2. In our Tuesday lessons we have been focussing on the skills of striking and fielding and we have played some fun games. This week, we learned how to play Kwik Cricket! On Wednesdays, we are improving our movement skills by doing lots of running and jumping activities.



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