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Year 2 News 1.12.23


In English this week we have been reading non chronological reports about polar animals. We have looked at the text features such as title, subheadings, facts and pictures. We then sorted fact sentences into the correct paragraphs. In Year 2, children need to learn how to use different conjunctions to extend their sentences. We focused on using because, so and when to write sentences about polar animals.


This week we have looked at different ways to make the j sound- j, g, ge, dge.


We have been doing more addition and subtraction this week in maths. The children are becoming more confident in using tens and ones to support their calculations. We have built up to adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers and have even tackled some exchanging!

You can use the following interactive activities to support this:

Choose the TU+TU for addition and the TU-TU for subtraction when you click on the link. (Use the tens and ones images not the coins)


Cooking Photos


In art this week we experimented with colour mixing to create some paintings of the Northern Lights. We also had a go at sketching some polar bears!


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