Farsley Farfield Primary School

Year 1 – 26.04.24


This week in phonics we have revised split digraphs and the phonemes ai, ay, ea, ee, ey, ie, and igh. We have also carried out another practice phonic screening check. Please continue to use the flashcards, go on Fast Phonics, and read at least four times a week at home. We also practiced reading and writing the tricky words asked and called.


We started this week by enjoying the traditional tale ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and baking our very own gingerbread men!

We made an extra special gingerbread man to keep in the class but unfortunately, he ran away! We made missing posters and placed them around the school to see if anyone had seen him.

On Thursday we received a postcard from the missing gingerbread man! He was in the Yorkshire Dales. By Friday he was in London! We wonder where he will travel to next.

We have also looked at plurals and the spelling patterns add ‘s’ and add ‘es’.


In maths, we have looked at equal and unequal groups. We have also looked at using repeated addition to add equal groups together. We have used our knowledge of counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s to add the equal groups together.


In science this week we have continued with our topic on plants. We investigated the enquiry question ‘What plants can we find on our school grounds?’. We went on a plant hunt and found lots of wild and garden plants. We each chose a plant to draw paying close attention to the shape and colour of the plant.


In geography this week we have been naming and locating the 5 oceans on a world map. Can your child name all 5 oceans?


1B really enjoyed their first session with a gymnastics teacher on Monday afternoon. They will be enjoying these sessions every Monday for the rest of the half term. 1T will be enjoying these sessions next half term.


Next week, the children will be designing and building model bridges. Please send in your empty plastic pots and cardboard boxes. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 1 Team


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