Farsley Farfield Primary School

Year 1 – 23.02.24


This week the children have completed a previous phonics screening check. This is to support our knowledge of each child’s current phonics ability so that we can support them to reach their full potential during the official assessment in June. We will discuss these assessments at Parents’ Evening.


This week the children have looked at subtracting one-digit and two-digit numbers within 20 and finding the difference.


In science we have identified, named, drawn and labelled the basic parts of the human body. We have also looked at lots of the organs in the human body. It was interesting to see how much the children already knew.

We also used a special t-shirt that allowed us to look inside of our bodies!


This week the children have been writing human body facts. Luckily, we learnt a lot during our science lesson!

We have also practised forming the capitals letters A,B,C and D.


This week the children have focused on recognising what is kind/unkind and fair/unfair. The children have explored how they might respond if they find themselves in a situation that is unfair or wrong or when someone is being unkind to them.

We then enjoyed a lovely story called ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’. It explored how being kind can make others feel. We discussed how being kind to others can make ourselves feel good too.


This week the children have looked at some new terminology. We have looked at programmer, code, coding, software, code blocks, object and action. We became programmers and followed steps to complete a code and help some sea creatures move. The children can use Purple Mash at home to try out their programming skills. Their passwords are in their reading record.

Art Gallery

Last half term year 1 were busy creating lots of pieces of art! The children would like to invite you to visit their own art gallery with all of their art pieces on display. A letter came home today with more information and is also attached here.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 1 Team


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