Farsley Farfield Primary School

Year 1 – 19.01.24

We have had a very exciting week!


When we arrived at school on Monday our classrooms were a huge mess and there were some very large footprints!

We found out that a T. rex had visited our classroom! It had left us a letter and asked us to write a fact book! The children have learnt lots of new facts through books and video clips and used these to write their booklets. We have been working hard to include the conjunction and in our writing. The children will continue with their booklets next week.


We also received a letter from another dinosaur later on in the week.

We experimented to find out the best material to stop a dinosaur egg from cracking when dropped. This was rather messy but we did find out that cotton wool worked the best.


The children are continuing to revise phases 4 and 5. They are impressing us with their use of consonant clusters. We are writing a sentence every day and the children’s formation and structure are improving daily. Please remember to keep accessing Fast Phonics at home.


This week the children have been working on identifying one more and one less than a given number within 20. We have applied our knowledge to solve word problems and we have also looked at the number line to 20.


In PSHE we discussed different feelings. The children were very good at sorting pictures into the correct feelings. We then looked at how we could help someone who is feeling sad or worried.


This week we learnt that an algorithm is a series of instructions given to achieve a specific outcome. The children had lots of fun pretending to be robots. We practised giving and receiving instructions to create an algorithm.


In our Monday PE lessons, we have started our new gymnastics unit. This week the children have looked at making our bodies ‘wide’ and moving around using ‘wide’ movements.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 1 Team


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  • Rachel’s mum says:

    The dinosaur footprints and eggs left a big impression, we heard all about it at home! Great to hear about the things that have escaped mention at the dinner table too 🙂