Farsley Farfield Primary School

What a week!

What a week it has been! It has been stressful – for staff, parents and, perhaps, for some children too. We have had to put plans and arrangements into place exceptionally quickly. We have nearly a third of the school still attending which is more than expected and, frankly, more than we would ideally like to have given the circumstances and purpose of the lockdown. I am grateful for the brilliant work that my staff have done this week, especially as many have their own vulnerabilities or challenges at home in these difficult times.

I’m sure families adjusting to having their children at home and trying to facilitate home learning will have had significant challenges too. I confidently expect some of the technical teething problems to be sorted out quickly, and attendance at the regular Meets has been encouraging. We have over 200 school Chromebooks in homes around the area and more are on their way. I am grateful for all the support that parents and carers are able to provide for their children and we do know that circumstances vary greatly across each family. You can only do your reasonable best.


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