Farsley Farfield Primary School

This week in Nursery

Yet another busy week!


In our Maths sessions this week we have been using 5 frames. The children place a number of objects in the squares and move them into different positions. This enables them to understand that the value of a number stays the same even if the objects are in a different place. They also count the spaces which is a practical way of understanding number bonds to 5.


We are continuing to develop the skill of subitizing, the ability to recognise amounts without counting the objects. Last time the children were finding a number of spots on a plate and this week we have used lots of different pictures to recognise amounts. Can you support the practise of this at home?

Outside play

Even though the weather hasn’t been brilliant this week we still played out every day. Please remember to send a coat with your child because at the moment the weather is unpredictable and it has rained most days. It is a good idea to check the weather forecast before you set off.

Inside fun!

Here is a selection of photos to show what the children have been doing inside this week…

The Naughty Bus

The children have been looking at the different writing in the book this week. We talked about it representing the words such as going up and down to show a bumpy road. Here is the story you can share at home with your child. Please talk about the different ways the words have been written.

Have a lovely weekend from the Nursery team


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