Farsley Farfield Primary School

This week in Nursery

Another busy week!

Number 5

This week the children have been collecting 5 objects and making 5 balls of dough during our Dough Disco sessions. Lots of the children were able to collect the objects and many of them could them recognise the amount without counting them when they had the objects in front of them, subitizing.

Child-led learning

Often in child-led learning the learning is focused on an individual child or small group of children. This week it involved the whole session of children. Two of our children had their birthday on the same day so we got out the box of party resources. From then it snowballed into having fruit kebabs and milk with straws for party food. We played some very physical games, musical statues and musical bumps. We danced and sang Happy Birthday.

Inside Fun

Here are some of the other things the children have been doing inside this week…

Outside Fun

Going Outside

The Nursery children love singing and we have recently discovered a new song about not staying inside but going out and enjoying the fresh air. Lots of them join in with the words and asked if it could be put on the blog so they could share it at home.

Have a lovely weekend outside from the Nursery team


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