Farsley Farfield Primary School

This week in Nursery

Welcome back to the Summer term!

The children have quickly settled into familiar routines and are enjoying being back with their friends. This week has been a busy one including a child-led focus on colour mixing.

Colour mixing in the water tray

The children have been investigating what happens when they use pipettes to mix coloured water. They used the primary colours of red, yellow and blue and mixed combinations of them into trays. They were very pleased with the results.

Colour mixing with powder paints

There was also an opportunity to use powder paints to mix colours. Again the children began with the primary colours and were supported to mix red and yellow to make orange, red and blue to make purple and blue and yellow to make green. Then they had fun mixing them all together to make brown.

Number 4

This week we have begun to learn about the number 4 using the Number Puppy story. The children really enjoy these stories and are already very good at identifying the numeral.

Here is a favourite song to support the understanding of the number 4…

Don’t forget to support this learning at home by counting objects, looking out for the number and playing games to help your child to subitize (recognise the amount without counting) numbers up to 4 then 5.

Purple Mash

We have been using a programme on the whiteboard to support the understanding of the number 4. The task was to colour in the number and then draw 4 pictures using their ‘magic finger’. Here are a few photos showing what the children did…

Lots of other fun!

Have a lovely weekend from the Nursery team


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