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This week in Nursery

Toothbrushing Certificates

This week we presented the first ‘Toothbrushing Certificates’. Well done to all those children who brushed their teeth morning and night for a whole week. We are sure all of the children do this and it would be nice to be able to award the good dental hygiene practises of the children. We received three record charts without names so these children have not received their certificates. Please let us know if you have returned the record sheet but your children has not received their certificate. We hope before we break up for the Easter holidays that all the children will have had a certificate.

Road Safety

This week we have been talking about road safety. We stressed how important it is for children to hold the hands of adults when crossing the road and in car parks. Here is a clip we watched. Please watch this at home with your child to reinforce the importance of being safe when they are around traffic.

‘I am the music man’ performance for an audience

The children have had great fun over the past few weeks practising with the musical instruments. This culminated this afternoon with a performance for invited guests. The children were amazing! They followed the conductor for when to play their instrument and as importantly when NOT to play! There will be another performance on Monday morning for another set of invited guests.

Lots of other fun…

Have a lovely weekend from the Nursery team


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