Farsley Farfield Primary School

Sing and Swing at Farfield

On Friday, we were delighted to host Artforms teacher Claire Rivers, an Artforms band and children from Stanningley (Blue) and Westroyd (front red) alongside our own choir (red and grey, generally at the back) for a morning of singing and a concert for parents and Farfield juniors.

After the show, Ms Rivers wrote us and said: “I can honestly say that yours was the most buzzing and fun event that we have held, with such a fantastic atmosphere. I’m so glad that the parents were able to attend and see the children perform. It is obvious that music and the arts have a special place in your school and it was great to be a part of that. “

All the songs were in a ‘swing’ style. Well done to the children for a great performance and to Ms Howells for preparing them so well.

A few quotes from the children afterwards:

“It was cool – we got to sing with new people!” “The band kept the rhythm going – it was fun to sing with them.” “I was so nervous before we got on the stage but then when I sang I wondered why as it was such a good crowd!”

“When can we do it again?” “I enjoyed the concert, especially singing ‘Billy the Kid’. I led one of the groups.” “I loved the band and I got a turn on the drums – I enjoyed it but it was hard!”

We hope you enjoy the short clips below:

Full choir (and audience): Billy the Kid
Full choir: Choo Choo Ch’Boogie
Full choir: Straighten Up and Fly Right
Full choir: I got Rhythm
Farfield: I wanna be like you
Full choir: Blue Moon
Full choir: I Wanna Sing Scat
Full choir: Billy the Kid (with Farfield KS2 singing too)

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  • Rauf/zak says:

    Wonderful performance, I was gutted I couldn’t make it to the performance I was at work, thank you for posting this, they sound amazing! Job well done!

  • Katie says:

    What a brilliant performance. Beautiful singing from you all. Well done everyone. The band was great also.

  • Katie Woollam says:

    We loved it! Well done everyone 👏 👍

  • Jade THOMSON says:

    Absolutely brilliant, was great to listen to

  • Louisa (Annie P’s mum) says:

    This really was a fantastic concert! Well done to all involved, Annie was buzzing after it!