Farsley Farfield Primary School

Rivers, Seasons and The Place Between

What a great week in Year 3!


In geography this week, we learnt all about rivers, learning where rivers come from and how they change along their course. We showed our knowledge by working in pairs to make labelled diagrams. The children did fantastically with this task and we were so impressed with their work!


‘In summer it is sunny and it is hot.’ Perhaps not the most useful phrase to learn this week, but we did have a good opportunity to revise our winter sentence: En hiver il neige et il fait frois (In winter it snows and it is cold!). The children are really enjoying French and doing well with some tricky vocabulary in this unit. Can you practise at home: En été il y a du soleil et il fait chaud!


The children have been doing some fantastic writing in English this week, writing detailed descriptions of The Place Between. We have been focusing on using abstract nouns, using two adjectives with a comma and using the word ‘with’ to create noun phrases. We have started writing neat copies and are looking forward to sharing these with you next week.


It was a cold but sunny P.E day on Wednesday. Here is what we have been getting up to in athletics, cross country, gymnastics and football.


We learnt about the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. We talked about our most prized possessions and how we would feel if we had to give them away. This led to a discussion about how Christians lead their lives and the importance of kindness and sharing.

Fun in the Snow

Everyone was excited to have a sprinkling of snow on Thursday! Here we are having fun at playtime.

Well done to everyone who completed November’s reading challenge. December’s book challenge theme is winter. I wonder what books you can find!

Well done to our special mentions this week: Zaynab, Ayaan A, Sirat and James.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Mrs Sykes and Mrs Begum


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