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Reception News – 3.5.24


Our tricky word this week is do.

We have also revised the phonemes air, oi, ch and sh. Can your child think of a word with these phonemes in? Can they write a sentence?

Super Writing!

The children have impressed us with their writing this week.

Reading Challenge

Well done to everyone who completed the reading challenge for April. The theme for May is ‘Keeping Healthy’.


This week, the children have used practical contexts to sort objects according to different criteria. They were encouraged to notice different attributes in groups of objects – such as colour, size or function – and to describe what they notice. Alongside this, we continued to practise recalling the composition of numbers as doubles and we also began to practically explore even and odd numbers.


This week RGK have been looking back at what we learnt about our school and what we observed on Cote Lane back in October 2023. In small groups we went to look at Town Street in Farsley. The children used their senses to see how different it was to where school is situated. The children noticed:

  • Lots more traffic and noise
  • More people
  • Lots of shops and restaurants

We took lots of pictures to help us create our own Town Street map. RP class will visit next week.


The children were very active in PE today! They did lots of running and jumping. We talked about how our bodies feel when we exercise.

Secret Reader

Don’t forget it isn’t too late to come in and be our Secret Reader. The children have absolutely loved having different people in. Everyone is welcome including grandparents, aunts and uncles. Please email us if you would like to book a slot.

Everything Else

Enjoy the long weekend and we will see you all on Tuesday.

The Reception Team


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