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Reception News – 17.5.24


Our tricky word this week is some. Can your child say this word in a sentence?

We also revised the phonemes ai, ee, igh and oa. We have been practising writing sentences with these phonemes too. Please keep trying at home!


The children have continued to develop their subitising skills (seeing the quantity without counting) in increasingly complex arrangements. A key focus this week was to use the children’s developing understanding of doubles to support their subitising skills. By moving away from counting for sets that can be subitised, the children will develop their abstract understanding of number, which will help to support future calculation strategies. They have also been using 10s frames and had fun playing various games.

The children are getting very good at subitising. Click here to play this fun game at home.

Understanding the World

This week we have been talking about what we saw on Farsley Town Street. The children have been drawing maps of part of the street as our school is in Farsley. Next week we will look at photographs of Leeds, as Farsley is in Leeds.

Look at our super display of Farsley Town Street.

Secret Reader

Don’t forget it isn’t too late to sign up to be a Secret Reader. Please speak to us or email us to book a day. The children are loving having someone new read a story to them. Thank you to this week’s Secret Readers.

Warmer Weather

Please can you make sure your child has a labelled hat and some sun cream applied before school. If you would like your child to apply more sun cream then please bring it to school labelled.

Everything Else…

Have a great weekend.

The Reception Team


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