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Problems and Perimeters


This week in English, we have been exploring the idea of issues and dilemmas through the animated Pixar short ‘One Man Band’. Our first challenge was a conscience alley, where we considered what the problem of the short was and what the different sides of the argument were. After dividing the class into two teams, the children discussed the reasons why the girl in the short should give her coin to one of the musicians, which they then used to try and convince her. In our second lesson, we focused on the idea of recounts, with the children choosing one of the three main characters to write as. They were then challenged to write a diary entry recounting the key events as if they were the character that they had chosen. We were very impressed by the quality of the children’s writing, particularly the way they incorporated the character’s thoughts and feelings!


In Maths we have started a brand new topic about length and perimeter. To begin, we explored the concept of kilometres to learn what what they were and how to convert between them and metres, then used this information to solve a range of questions. Once we were comfortable with this, we moved on to exploring perimeter, starting on a grid that allowed us to count the number of 1cm squares around the shape to determine the final total. From here, we started to look at how we would work out the perimeter using only given measurements. The children have done really well with this so far and we will continue to build on this next week.


The children have been hard at work learning to play a piece of music using the Boomwhackers. I wonder if anyone recognises the tune?

General News

All homework has been set online this week. It is due in on Wednesday 28th February.

  • Maths – Length and perimeter activities on Mathletics
  • English – Work on Spelling Shed around words where the digraph ‘ch’ makes the ‘sh’ sound.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Levett and Mrs Kenvyn


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